The CISSP Scholarship Fund is my way of giving back to the information security community.

When the fund reaches the cost of the exam ($600), I choose a person either from the Facebook Study Group, or from this site’s small forum, and pay for their CISSP exam.

The CISSP is one of the more expensive exams! Not only is the exam expensive, so are the books, bootcamps, training courses, quiz engines, and most importantly…your valuable time away from family and friends!

I just have to admire someone who takes time away from their own life, to contribute to our little CISSP community here.  This person actively participates in the study group or the forum, helping others with their questions about the CISSP, providing some much needed motivation, all the while studying for their own exam! This is exactly the type of person that makes the world a better place.

I look for these characteristics when choosing a recipient of the CISSP Scholarship Fund program.

Check out the First Recipient of the CISSP Scholarship Fund

Here’s how your donations and ad clicks help make this happen:

For each donation, I take a portion of the proceeds and stash it away in the savings fund.  If you donate to the site, you are not only helping to keep this site up with free information, but you’re also helping someone take their CISSP exam, and improve their lives.

Additionally, when you click on the ads on this site, a chunk of the revenue also goes towards this fund.

The rest of the donations go toward the cost of maintaining this website.

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