3 Types of Computer Crimes

A network administrator turned on his computer and found a pop-up that read “PAY $20,000 OR WE WILL DDOS YOUR NETWORK!!”

This scenario involves all three aspects of computer crime.

Computer-Targeted Crime

                                                             Computer is the target


Computer is the target

  • The computer machine or network of machines are the actual victims
  • The computer is the intended target of a DDOS
  • Other examples
    • Virus/malware/rootkits/sniffers
    • Buffer overflow
Computer-Assisted Crime

                                                                                     Computer is used as a tool


Computer was directly used as a tool for the crime.

  • Hackers are extorting the person, not the computer
  • A computer was used to extort the person, but it wasn’t necessary
  • Extortion is a crime on people, not computers
  • Computers were just used as a TOOL
  • Other examples
    • Stealing company secrets by hacking network
      • You can steal secrets without a computer too
    • Protesting an entity by hacking their website or attacking their network
      • You can protest without a computer


Computer-Incidental Crime

A computer just happened to be involved, not essential for crime.


                            Embezzlement can be a computer-incidental crime

  • Embezzlement can be a computer-incidental crime
  • A computer used to process dirty money from drugs is incidentally involved in a crime
  • A drug dealer used a computer to make his money look like is legitimate