Take The Exam Again? No Way!


***UPDATE November 16, 2015***

Check out this link for more information: Can You Take the CISSP Exam Without 5 Years of Security Experience?

***UPDATE November 16, 2015***

They said that I only have 35 months of security experience.

That I would need 25 months of more experience within the next 9 months (which defies all concepts we currently have of time and space), or I’d have to take the CISSP exam again!

No. Way.

“It’s all a misunderstanding” I told myself.  “Yup, just one big misunderstanding.  I’m…I’m not taking that exam again.  Just not doing it…nope.  I can’t go through all that studying again.”

I felt like a prisoner who had served 1 year in jail, was freed for 2 months, and then told to do 1 more year in prison.

I mentally made a quick note of my experience just to make sure:

Network Security Engineer, 26 months
Systems Administrator, 9 months
Security Administrator, 60 months
1 Bachelor’s degree to supplement a year of experience, just in case.

96 months of security experience!

I should have more than the required 60 months of security experience!

Thankfully it was all just a misunderstanding.

When I faxed in my endorsement papers to the (ISC)2, the last page of my resume which contained the rest of my security experience, did not go through.

Needless to say, I emailed the entire resume to them immediately after the mistake was discovered.

Then I promptly received this great email:


Thanks for reading!
Security Engineer, CISSP