First Recipient of the CISSP Scholarship Fund

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Recipients of the CISSP Scholarship Fund share a common trait: selflessness.

The very first individual to have their CISSP exam voucher paid for is Ahmed K.!  

Ahmed has done so much for the Facebook Study Group and this website.

He has always gone beyond the call of duty to help others for the last 3 years.

  • Ahmed created his own WhatsApp group – if you look at a lot of the “How to Crack The CISSP Exam” post series, you will surely see a lot of references to his WhatsApp group as a KEY component to passing the exam.
  • He has been with the study group when it had just 20 members – the group has now been active for 3 years, with over 12,000 members as of today.  And even to this day he posts practice exam questions, and answers posts with thorough explanations.  Ahmed never hesitates to help others understand not only which answer is the right choice, but most importantly, why the other answers are incorrect.
  • At times Ahmed and I have had to deal with members who violate the CISSP Code of Ethics – individuals asking for PDFs of books and study guides that violate copyright laws.  He always makes it a point to educate anyone that asking for pirated material is not only against the CISSP Code of Ethics, but also unbecoming of a security professional.  In security, if we hold the same standards as the ones trying to break our security, then what is the point of it all?  Being a CISSP is a 24-hour job, not just business hours.
  • Most of all, Ahmed is respectful.  He keeps a diplomatic demeanor with an optimistic view while speaking to others on the Internet – people he has never met.  This is why I’m proud of the study group, it is a place on the Internet that still remains void of crass comments, insulting words, and an overall poisonous environment that is not conducive of a focused CISSP study environment.

On a personal note Ahmed, thank you for coming to my defense and standing up for me when we had members who hurl insults at me.  I will never forget that you were the only one that stood up for me man, thank you.

It may come as a surprise to many that he is not already a CISSP!

Again, thank you so much for EVERYTHING you have done for the group and this site Ahmed, I appreciate it so much.

For now, just focus on your studies, and don’t worry about how you will pay for the exam, we got that covered.  You deserve that much.


Special thanks to the following awesome members for their generous donations to make part of this fund possible: 

Claudia F.

Tunji A.

Luc G.

Khairul M.

  • Shrikanth

    Thanks Luke for your commitment towards the group and to the profession as a whole. I appreciate your big heart in funding scholarship to the deserved.
    I congratulate my friend Ahmed K, for all his devotion towards helping everyone who needs guidance and I am learning a lot not just about studies but his manners when dealing people from different backgrounds. You both are true professionals and I feel it my luck and is anointed to get to know about you.
    I wish both providential bless!

    • studynotesandtheory

      Thank you so much for the comment @disqus_UzT6ZJHOao:disqus

      Your words are a strong motivating factor to keep doing what we do.