Free CISSP MindMaps by Matheus

You can read about how Matheus cracked his CISSP exam here:

How Matheus Cracked His CISSP Exam

He also created his own mindmaps, and gave me permission to share it on the Facebook Study Group. 

Click here to download the files.  

You will also see the other files that are shared in the study group.

If you don’t trust the link or want to scan the files for free online (this is security after all), you can visit  – This site will scan URLs or files.  


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  • Tim

    Would it be possible to contact the original creator of these MindMaps and to have him create one based upon the current 8 domains, vice the original 10 domains?

    • studynotesandtheory

      He might be a lil’ busy @needsleepnow1983:disqus but I’ll contact him and find out! These still kinda apply to the old domain, but I know what you mean.