How Parvez Cracked His CISSP Exam

I had recently gone through some of the old posts in the Facebook study group, and completely missed Parvez’s CISSP study experience.  He was I believe one of the first ones to start providing a tremendous amount of feedback and insight into the CISSP study process.

Parvez is an old school guy like me, taking handwritten notes and attacking multiple test engines to rack up as many practice exam questions as possible.  

Both of us combined probably took over 10,000 practice exam questions.

Again, a big congratulations to Parvez, and I’m sorry for taking so long to post your study experience, man.  

July 24, 2015

Hello everyone.

I am very pleased to inform you that I have passed CISSP exam on 23 July 2015 with first attempt.

My Background: 10+ years of experience in designing security solution, Incident management, Identity management, penetration testing, Auditing etc. with a master’s degree in Cyber Security. Along with many international certificates such as CCIE Security, ITILv3, CEH, ISO 27001 LA, etc.


Shon Harris AIO 6th edition (Excellent)
Shon Harris videos (Excellent for foundation)
Eric Conrad 2nd edition (Excellent)
Offical CBK 4th edition (good, to consider as secondary resource)
Informit – CISSP videos by Sari Greene (Excellent, covering all the aspect of Asset Security and Security assessment & testing)
Sunflower CISSP Pdf
YouTube and Google for more clarity on the concept.
Below URL for You.

Practice Engines

Totaltester engine
MG Hill questions
Skill test
Transcender questions
Syngress test
MGH CISSP Practice Exam 3 edition

Apart from this, I prepared more than 100 pages hand written notes for CISSP; based on wrong questions and to remember the concept.

I would recommend covering all 8 domains. There are no top 4 domains. You need to make sure you must have practice at least 3 test of 6 hours before facing real exam; otherwise exam will be very exhaustive to you.

My Formula for CISSP: Concept, Practice, Concept, Practice, Concept, Practice

My Formula for CCIE Security: Concept, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice

Exam experience:- I managed to finish my exam in 5 hours 59 minutes 30 sec .Took four unscheduled breaks. I have flagged almost 35 questions & changed my answer for 1 question.

Wishing best of luck for all CISSP candidates.

Many thanks,
Parvez Ahmad