How Robert Cracked His CISSP Exam

Thanks a lot for the review Robert!! 

Most important take away for everyone should be this line: This allowed me to hear the same content delivered in a different way.

It’s an extremely effective strategy to learn about concepts from multiple sources! 

Good luck with everything Robert, and don’t worry about the review not being too in-depth, you’ve more than made up by your contributions to the study group! 



Hey everyone! So I showed up a few months ago complaining about how I didn’t have much time but really wanted to accomplish this within that time frame. I wanted to thank everyone here for the study links, and other people’s “passed” posts which proved really motivational and helpful.

I want to give a brief break down of what I used to study (without discussing any details of the exam obviously). I used Eric Conrad’s third edition and Kelly’s videos as my primary resources. I purchased the Sybex book, but I just didn’t like how in depth it went on certain topics, for me it was just too boring. I DID reference Sybex for more in depth explanations and the end of chapter quiz material however. I studied intensely for approximately 2 months, I would read a domain (sometimes 1/2 if it was long) per day, followed by the related video (sometimes on the following day).

This allowed me to hear the same content delivered in a different way, and if I heard a term or concept that differed between the two, I would reference the Sybex book to make sure I covered as much as I could.

Kelly does an excellent job by the way. After completing the reading I would keep logs in a book of my quiz results so I could go back and KNOW where I stood with a given domain. I then read Eric’s 11’th hour (10 domain format) and listened to his podcasts. While reading the 11’th hour I joined a Facebook group called “CISSP Study and Theory” and would answer questions others posted as well as post my own. This gave me confidence to schedule the test and a general idea of where I stood (knowledge wise) compared to those who have passed, and others who plan on testing soon.

I apologize this isn’t that in depth, but it really wasn’t too in depth of a plan! I just made sure to keep my study time formally allotted and kept very close track of what I TRULY knew. Its very easy to mistake what you think you know, with what you really comprehend when you’re talking about this much material (at least for me). So keeping a journal of hard facts kept me grounded and allowed me to focus.

Simple suggestions but I think this helped me a lot. Wish everyone the best of luck and thanks again to the active folks here! Now to secure an endorser! haha 😉