How Sri Cracked Her CISSP Exam!

Thank you for the great words about the study group and this website Sri!

We’re so glad you passed the CISSP exam, but you have no one to thank besides YOURSELF! This group is only as resourceful and dedicated as its group members, to which you were a strong contributing factor ! This group is what it is with people like you! 

Congratulations on your success and continuing to be part of the group, I feel better about the security of information in this world with you as a member! 

Thank you! 


Today marks the crazy day when I PASSED the exam !!!

I have never been part of such a resourceful and dedicated group ever striving for a common goal ! 

It was a grueling yet a fantastic journey of 5 months of rigorous study.

Firstly, a little background about myself. I have 2 years experience in IT and 5 months in security. I appeared for the Associate CISSP. Also, I am a graduate student pursuing Masters in Information Security.

Next, moving on to the exam, it is definitely not a cakewalk and demands clear understanding of concepts. So while you study ensure you know the processes and steps and flow. Take some time out to check youtube videos on how the attacks work. 40% of the paper was pretty straight forward, 30% I had to choose between 2 options. and remaining 30% I was a little clueless.

I used the following materials.
1) Sybex ISC2 Official guide – 7th Edition.

2) Shon harris 6th Edition for Risk Management and Software Development

3) Cybrary Videos 

4) CCCure

5) Exam Cram

6) McGrawHill

7) CBK Chapter End questions

8) Eric Conrad 2 full length tests

Also, I was part of a fantastic Whatsapp group managed by Ahmed Khatib. I have no words to express the dedication of the group and its members !!! There were days when I woke up to 400 messages on the group and spent a couple of hours answering all the questions.

Above all, MOST importantly StudyNotes AndTheory for the extremely comprehensive articles which lucid explanations. I read all of them !!

Once again thanking you all for all your inputs !! 🙂

  • Adeep

    Whatsapp group managed by Ahmed Khatib – Can you share the details plz