OSI Model Memorization Technique

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We have heard about the OSI Model and the different layers.  But you have to know more than the names of the layers.  You have to know about what type of data units each layer contains.  

Technically, when we talk about “packets”, we are talking about the Network Layer of the OSI Model, Layer 3.  Each model has it’s own PDU.  

I talk about it below, leave me a comment if it helps! Or…doesn’t! 

Mon, Sep 15, 2014 09:21 pm
Dear CISSP Candidates, 

I’d like to first say welcome to our new subscribers! You know who you are = )

But there isn’t time for such formalities when we have an exam to pass!

There is a LOT to remember for the CISSP exam: fire extinguisher types, steps of the BIA, incident response procedures, cryptography DES modes….list goes on.  

How are we supposed to remember all of this!? 

I recently discovered the technique of using mnemonics.  Mnemonics are simple memory tricks that go a long way to memorizing tedious information.  

For the data bits (segments, frames, bits….) in the OSI Model (which will be on the CISSP exam), I used the following phrase:

Did Someone Pay For Bits?  

This is how it’s broken down: 



Hope that helps!  I know this email is short, but I also know we all don’t have time to read long e-mails with everything going on in our technological lives! 

Thank you.
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