Quick Facts About Rijndael

EDITOR’S CORRECTION – January 5, 2015

Thanks to an outstanding contributor over at www.cccure.org by the name of “ParadiseLost”, I was notified that there is a difference between Rijndael and AES, and here it is:

Rijndael can use different block sizes, but AES uses a fixed block size of 128-bits.

So for AES, the block size must always be 128-bits!!!

Key Size    Block Size

128             128
192             128
256             128

Reference: https://www.cccure.org/ftopict-9370.html


  • Official NIST standard

  • Won first place out of 15 other AES contestants

  • Pronounced “Rhine Dall”

  • Named after it’s developers Vincent Rijmen and Joan Daemen

  • Rijndael is the actual name of the algorithm, AES is the standard


  • Symmetric block cipher

  • Proved to have the best security, speed, and scalability

  • Stronger than DES and 3DES

  • Supports 128, 192, 256-bit keys

  • Can be used by the government to protect sensitive but unclassified data as well as secret and top secret