REDUX: Old vs New CISSP CBK Domain MindMap

I hope everyone enjoys this new and updated version comparing of the Old vs New CBK Domain Mindmap.

It shows what you needed to study for the old exam, versus what you need to study for the new exam.

There really isn’t much difference except for a few new concepts.

Basically, everything in the old domains are still in the new domains.

What you see in the “NEW” domain section is what I feel are the newer topics that you need to study in addition to the old concepts.


1.  Start presentation

2.  Click and drag mouse to navigate

3.  Double-click your mouse to zoom in and out

4.  You can use your mouse wheel

5.  If you see something that SHOULD be in there, let me know and I’ll update it!

Thanks! or leave a comment!



Below is our previous Old vs New CBK MindMap